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One of the biggest headaches that a business owner may have is being in the middle of a legal situation wherein you got sued because an individual suffered injuries simply by visiting your office or workplace. It could be as simple as that person tripping over a lead or slipping from a wet floor. No matter how straightforward the circumstances, it is still considered as a legal mess - especially if you do not have a comprehensive insurance plan to protect you. Where personal injury and legal costs are involved, claims for even the simplest of accidents can become extremely substantial.

This is precisely the reason why it is sensible for any business to have a public liability insurance plan in place. Here, we will take a look at the importance of this type of insurance plan for business owners, the basics of getting one in the UK and other essential information about insuring your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Public Liability UK

What is a public liability insurance plan?
As the name implies, a public liability insurance plan offers financial protection for businesses against any members of the general public or other third parties for any injury or property damage that they might incur as a direct or indirect result of you carrying out your business activities.

On the part of the business owner, a public liability UK insurance plan will protect you in such a way that instead of paying for the damages yourself, you simply need to pay monthly premiums and let the provider handle the expenses and legalities for you in the event that a claim is made.

What types of businesses should have this type of an insurance plan?
As a general rule, public liability insurance plans are helpful for business owners who ever receive clients in their offices or on work premises or who carry out work in public areas or on other client’s property. Some areas of work carry more obvious risks than others, such as the construction industry or anyone dealing with property maintenance and repair.

Which instances would it protect my business against?
Almost every type of business which conducts its daily operations in contact with the general public or those who receive a general influx of clients should take out public liability UK insurance plans. A specific example would be a dry cleaning business. If a customer picks up some clothes but he or she slips from the slippery floors of your reception area and sustains injuries from it. The public liability insurance plan will provide financial coverage in case the customer files a claim.

Similarly, a self-employed support technician who accidentally knocks over a glass of water or coffee over the equipment that is being serviced can also benefit from public liability UK insurance plans. Claims do not have to be huge to make it worth while having a policy in place that you can claim against.

I already have an employer’s liability insurance policy. Is that not pretty much the same thing?
In the UK, the employer’s liability insurance is actually a compulsory plan to have, unlike a public liability insurance plan. With the employer’s liability insurance, it offers financial protection for staff members and employees who got injured or whose properties got damaged while they are performing their daily tasks at work. This is completely different to public liability insurance plans which offer financial protection against claims from everyone other than employees.

How do I get a good, comprehensive public liability insurance policy?
When looking for the best public liability UK insurance plan to protect your business with, it is important to make a comparison of the clauses and level of cover, rather than just the premiums. Even with the most comprehensive public liability insurance plan, the premiums are not that high so you do not have to worry about that. But the one thing that you should make sure of is that the public liability insurance policy should coincide with your specific needs as a business.

Based from an example mentioned previously, a self-employed support technician should have financial protection against possible damage to electronics equipment. This is something that should be stipulated on your contract. Shop owners should have clauses in their contract which protects customers coming in from accidentally slipping on wet floors.

At the end of the day, gaining as much information as you can about public utility insurance is a must for business owners. Although it is not compulsory, any commercial establishment owner or business owner should definitely consider taking out this type of an insurance plan just to be on the safe side. It is definitely better to be safe than be involved in a legal entanglement later on, so get the best public utility UK insurance plan out there.

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