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Cost of Public Liability Insurance

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Do you have your very own business? You are lucky if you do because there used to be a time when only huge corporations and rich businessmen can afford to establish companies from the ground up. Today, even if you have very little start-up funds, you can create your own business from very little. As long as you have the initiative, a good product or service and a solid business plan, you can become a successful entrepreneur.

Quick Facts About Public Liability Insurance

As a business owner, the number one thing that you need to protect is your investment which is the company itself. Whether you own a small bakers or if you are starting to build a bigger business empire, one of the key things that you should not miss out on having is public liability insurance. To understand what it is all about, here are a few quick facts:

Simply put, the cost of public liability insurance is a worthwile investment as it protects you as a business owner from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims. If a person got injured while within your office premises, if an employee got into an accident while performing duties at work, or if a client’s property got damaged as a result of a faulty product or service that you are providing, your business can be sued for damages.

A public liability insurance plan works in such a way that you as a business owner will be paying a premium to the insurance company. The price of the monthly premiums depends on a number of factors, primary of which is the comprehensiveness of the coverage. It is a must for you to take public liability insurance if members of the public in the form of clients or customers come into your office premises on a regular basis.

The public liability insurance covers any compensation claim awarded to clients or customers for any injuries or property damage from dealing with you as a business. It includes any legal fees, medical costs, or the expenses related to repairing property damage.

Good public liability insurance cover can also provide financial coverage for reverse situations. Let us say that you have an air conditioning repairs business. If one of your technicians visits the home of a customer and there is damage to their property, they are bound to file claims against your business. Such costs can also be covered by the public liability insurance plan.

Who Needs Public Liability Insurance?

In the UK, every business owner should understand and realize the cost of public liability insurance plans. It is not required by law, apart from in a very few specialist areas, but you would require this type of insurance plan if you are:

A small business owner.

A sole trader.

A partnership.

A corporation.

For self-employed individuals who work from home, they can also use a minimal public liability insurance if they admit clients to their home office every once in a while.

What Is the Cost Of Public Liability Insurance?

For small business owners in the UK, the minimum level of cover you should have in place is £1 million. For medium to large scale entrepreneurs, the range for the level of cover required is anywhere from £5 million to £10 million. This may sound like a lot of money but when you imagine the hours that you will lose and the money that you would have to shell out when dealing with accident injury claims, you will realize exactly how worthwhile it is to invest in a good public liability insurance plan.

How Will It Benefit My Business?

Finally, how will the cost of public liability insurance be beneficial for your business? The cost of public liability insurance is totally worth it because it will save you from losing out financially as an entrepreneur. Since the cost of any injury, accident or property damage claims will be passed on to the insurance provider, you are basically transferring the risk of your business to them which is their main purpose anyway.

As a business owner, you should do everything in your power to make sure that your investment is well protected. Taking out a comprehensive public liability insurance plan allows you to do exactly that.

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