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Welcome to this website, which is aimed at helping you to understand the ins and outs of public liability insurance and find out where to get the best value public liability quote for your business.

Public liability insurance is intended to provide businesses with adequate cover in case any claims are brought against you by any third party. The claims could be for injury or illness suffered as a result of any negligence on your part, or they could be for damage to property or goods belonging to a third party, such as a customer. That is why this type of protection is also called third party liability cover.

In today’s increasingly litigious society, it is prudent for any business to have adequate cover in place to protect against any such claims. Coverage should include provision for any legal fees and other costs that you will incur in defending yourself against such claims.

While public liability cover is not compulsory for most businesses, it is a sensible provision for any small business, sole trader, self employed person or company director, if the nature of your work could lead to the injury or harm of anyone, or damage to anyone else's property. Even if you work at home, you could need liability cover. If anyone else visits you at your home or if you ever go out and do work on other people's property, then there is the potential for a claim, so insurance would be a sensible precaution.

Another reason for having liability cover is that in certain fields of work customers will often want to see proof of appropriate liability cover before they will do business with you.

Public Liability Insurance – What Does It Cover?

The main thing this type of insurance is meant to cover is any damage to property or injury to people caused by you or resulting from carrying out your business. For example, if you were working on a customer’s premises and you accidentally damaged part of their property, this insurance would cover you against a claim for the cost of making good that damage.

As well as property damage, the cover will apply to personal injury. Imagine if you were working at height and dropped a heavy tool on someone walking below. The consequences could be very serious indeed, with the inevitable claim being similarly severe. Facing such a situation without insurance could mean the end of your business.

As well as covering obvious costs such as repairing or replacing damages to property, your public liability insurance should also cover the legal fees for dealing with any claims and other related costs such as medical bills, ambulance transport and any expenses directly resulting from the incident.

Public Liability Quotes - How Much Cover Should I Have?

The value of the cover you go for will of course depend in part on the nature of your business and the type and volume of work that you carry out. A standard figure for an average small business would be one million pounds. This might sound quite high, but it really isn't when you start to think about how legal costs and compensation for a serious personal injury claim could build up.

Just because your cover is a million pounds does not mean you will have high premiums. From the insurer’s point of view this is all about risk, and the number of times they will actually have to pay out that kind of amount are relatively few and far between. You should, therefore be able to get pretty good value cover if you are a small business.

Premiums will often relate to the turnover of your business, so the bigger your business, the more you can expect to pay for the cover. Other factors may be used to calculate premiums, but they will always be ways of getting an accurate idea about the size and volume of your business activities.

There are other factors that can affect how much you pay in premiums. As with any type of insurance, the cost will vary depending on what you want covered, what is excluded and the size of any excess.

Where To Get A Public Liability Quote

You can either go direct to an insurance company that provides this type of cover, or you can approach a broker, who will look around at various companies and try to find the best quote for your needs. Either way, you should always shop around and compare prices before you commit to anything. If you decide to apply direct to an insurer, you may want to look at whether they have ABI (Association of British Insurers) membership. This is the trade body for insurance companies and represents about 400 leading companies.

Top Recommendation For Public Liability Quotes: QuoteZone

As with any other kind of product, it makes sense to shop around before you buy. We are recommending Quotezone because they provide the simplest way to compare all the best providers of public liability insurance in the UK.

You just go to their site and fill in one simple form. This then goes to a selection of the leading providers of this type of insurance, who will email you straight away with their quote. You can then compare these and either pick the one you want or carry on searching.

Follow this link to the Quotezone public liability page to fill in their Online Form and start comparing prices.

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